Author: Darek Jansen

Syncing your Garmin to your Bluetooth Phone or Device-

Technology can be a great help in tracking and improving your health. One of the challenges is that using technology often takes some experience or some guidance. One of the components of the HOP-UP-PT Foundational Independence program is the use of an activity monitor that a person wears on their wrist. Below are some key Read More

Fran discusses her improved function after HOP-UP-PT

Fran, in her 80’s, is very independent and active.   She enjoys fitness classes, crafting, quilting, and engaging in community activities.  She sets a great example for committed physical activity for her neighborhood by walking regularly with neighbors.  Fran became interested in HOP-UP-PT because she noticed a bit of a decline in her activity and Read More

Sharon & Butch improve health through HOP-UP-PT

Sharon learned of HOP-UP-PT through the Auburn Hills Senior Center and she had interest in enrolling to address some observed declines in Butch’s balance and walking safety.

The Upstream Approach to Health

An upstream approach to healthcare aims to examine and then impact the root causes of a health-related problem rather the symptoms. The approach can bring about downstream improvements in health outcomes and decrease healthcare costs. HOP-UP-PT uses this approach as the foundation of all evaluations, interventions, and programming.

Get Trained in the Otago Exercise Program

The Carolina Geriatric Workforce Enhancement Program (CGWEP) website provides information on the Otago Exercise Program and how to become an Otago Exercise Program Provider. Resources on administering the program with participants are also available.

Otago Exercise Video – Level B

Welcome to the HOP-UP-PT interactive exercise video to guide you in the Otago exercise program.

This program was designed to help you maintain your strength and mobility and to help prevent falls. This video is intended for participants who have viewed the complete demonstration video and are ready to complete the program, start to finish without interruption.

Testimonial: Duane C

HOP-UP PT has helped me dramatically and I’m able to get around more, can walk more; I’m able to do fly fishing standing in the middle of a river. I’m able to go bird hunting with my camera.
All that I wasn’t able to do before.

“Stay Independent” brochure and fall risk screening tool

The Stay Independent brochure, available as a component of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention STEADI programming, contains a Fall risk Screening questionnaire that is useful to older adults and their families, community centers, and health care providers. The 12-question screening tool is a validated fall risk self-assessment tool (Rubenstein et al. J Safety Res; Read More

Fred wanted to keep doing the things he loves

Fred, 79, wanted to have professional guidance on ways to improve his overall health, safety, and balance to be able to continue his active, healthy lifestyle so he enrolled in the program after reading about it in the local newspaper.  I enjoy things like volunteering, hunting, and visiting my grandchildren. I know that I’m not Read More

CDC’s STEADI Program integrated into HOP-UP-PT

A core component of the Foundational HOP-UP-PT Independence Program is the application of the CDC’s Stopping Elderly Accidents, Deaths, and Injuries program.  A highly regarded program available to the public and healthcare providers, STEADI helps identify and treat falls and fall related injuries.