Remaining safe and active – in your home and community – with HOP-UP-PT

Aging adults strive to remain healthy and active in their homes and in their communities. HOP-UP-PT is a program that provides education and exercises delivered in your home by licensed physical therapists. The main goal of this program is fall prevention, though additional parts of the program provide training in fall recovery, emergency preparedness, and chronic disease prevention to name a few.

Why is HOP-UP-PT right for me?


HOP-UP-PT will help you embrace your independence!  

There are many benefits of the HOP-UP-PT program.  Reduced fall risk is a primary benefit, but you will also come away with strategies to improve your overall health and wellness. Helping you to remain engaged in activities that bring you meaning is what HOP-UP -PT is all about!  

Why Sue participated in the HOP-UP-PT program


The HOP-UP-PT Program

As we age, it may be more difficult to move around, stay steady on your feet, complete self-care activities and have energy for all the things we love to do. Sometimes it takes a team and professional guidance to stay on top of these changes.

Collaborations for success and freedom!

Fran is an example of how the HOP-UP-PT program provides older adults tools and resources to stay independent.  Fran’s community senior center suggested the program and a referral was placed. A licensed physical therapist came to Fran’s home and provided an individualized program based on her unique physical, health, and home environment needs.


HOP-UP-PT will empower you with resources and programs to maintain your independence as you age. A licensed physical therapist will visit your home 6 times and conduct 3 telehealth visits with you over a 6-7- month timeframe. You will learn a variety of tailored exercises and home modifications to help you stay safe and active in your home and community. 

Older adults are the key members of this team!  We look forward to partnering with you to help you remain safe and active in your home and community!

It’s time to “HOP-UP!”

Take action to stay safe and independent!

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