HOP-UP-PT Program Overview

The growing healthcare demands of an aging population has created an urgent need to develop and evaluate novel preventative healthcare models capable of facilitating positive health outcomes any reduced cost thereby bringing about increased healthcare value to the community.

HOP-UP-PT which is short for “Home-based Older Persons Upstreaming Prevention Physical Therapy” is one such initiative. This program was developed when municipal senior center staff members reached out to a local university-based physical therapists after observing seniors who appeared to be at high risk for falls or were having difficulty consistently and safely leaving their home. 

The HOP-UP-PT program developed from these discussions is a non-traditional partnership utilizing physical therapy referrals directly from community-based senior centers. Karen Adcock, Auburn Hills Senior Center Director states, “We know our people. We know people that have been coming for 20 plus years. We’ve built relationships with our seniors, and we can start seeing changes that many times their friends and family do not see.”  

HOP-UP-PT has a mission to provide early preventive interventions to senior citizens at risk of becoming home by facilitating partnerships between community centers and local physical therapists. Ultimately the vision is to improve the health and functional outcomes of older adults. 

Research shows that a senior citizens ability to remain safe and active in their home and community requires a multifactorial, holistic, and cohesive approach. HOP-UP-PT uses this approach to evaluate and provide physical, environmental, and health related intervention aimed at optimizing each older adults ability to age-in-place. 

The program is provided directly in the home of the senior citizen. Balance and endurance exercises, recommendations for environmental modifications to optimize home safety, social support, as well as nutrition and overall healthy lifestyle are all within the scope of physical therapist practice and our components of HOP-UP-PT.

Lori Boright, HOP-UP-PT Provider states, “Preventive physical therapy programs are very helpful to older adults because it gives them skills and strategies to maintain their quality of life as well as their independence in their homes and community. “

HOP-UP-PT provides a novel approach to increasing access to home-based preventive care for seniors who do not meet criteria to qualify for traditional home care physical therapy services. Susan Creviston, HOP-UP-PT participant states, “It is very important to me to stay safe and active in my home because I want to stay in my home take care of myself take care of other people and do my volunteer projects.”

If you would like more information about how you or your organization can get involved, please contact us at our email. You can also learn more about us on our website or our Facebook page.

Empower older adults to remain safe and active in their homes!!!