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Partnering with HOP-UP-PT can help reduce falls and fall risk among older adults in your community

The Home-based Older Persons Upstreaming Prevention Physical Therapy (HOP-UP-PT) has evidence it can bring about an 8-fold decrease in falls among those at highest risk for falling after community senior centers identify individuals who are at risk for functional decline or a future fall. HOP-UP-PT believes community-based organizations serving seniors know their people and are well positioned to observe subtle changes and functional decline in the older adults they serve.

The HOP-UP-PT program uses a novel strategy in which community-based referrals are made directly to therapists. This is the first program to utilize this referral approach. This innovative model uses a consumer direct access to physical therapy which is available in all 50 states and eliminates the need for the older adult to first see their physician to access the skill of the therapists. While the therapist assessment may identify needs that require referral and/or communication with the older adult physician, this streamlined approach improves access to prevention services. By initiating the referral early, prevention focused interventions evolving risks can be reduced early; thereby, ultimately decreasing the risk of having a fall in the future.

HOP-UP-PT can expand the services available in your community center

Senior centers are a vital component in the community. They are the hub for all seniors and their families to come to look for activities and programs and services. These centers want people to be able to age in place as long and as safely as possible through supportive programs such as HOP-UP-PT.

HOP-UP-PT provides a needed referral means for community centers to partner with physical therapists who will visit the older adults and provide them with a needed ‘tune up’ to proactively address issues that may put them at risk of not being able to stay safe and active in their home and community. 

How Does HOP-UP-PT Work?

Quick Links for Fall Screening and Referring

What older adults in your community can expect when referred to HOP-UP-PT

The program assesses physical health and environment risks and then delivers 9 visits (6 in person and 3 telerehabilitation) over 7 months in the home of the older adult. The multimodal assessment and intervention approach includes

  1. Balance, fall risk and other functional assessments
  2. Home safety assessments
  3. General health screening and assessments
  4. Otago Exercise Program
  5. Health coaching to encourage positive health behaviors
  6. Automated blood pressure cuff and education on use
  7. Wearable activity tracker and education on use

Another key feature is program reinforcement of the benefits of the local community center programming.

Community Centers can help reduce falls

Community Centers can help reduce falls by identifying older adults who are declining or having falls at home. The STEADI Stay Independent fall risk assessment is a useful tool to determine if the person is at risk.

If an evolving fall risk is suspected, a referral to a certified HOP-UP-PT provider should be initiated.

Become an Ambassador

HOP-UP-PT can help older adults in your community. Staff, employees and volunteers at your center can become certified HOP-UP-PT ambassadors.

Step 1 – Watch the Certified HOP-UP-PT Ambassador Training Video at the below link. (10 minutes)

Click on the above image to start the video to become a Certified HOP-UP-PT Ambassador.

Step 2 – Practice with the HOP-UP-PT Fall Risk Assessment Form

The HOP-UP-PT program has a computerized assessment form freely available. Click here to view and practice with the fall risk assessment form that will provide personalized results for each older adult as to whether they would benefit from the program.

Step 3 – Complete the post-course assessment form

Step 4 – Complete the below form to register as a Certified HOP-UP-PT Ambassador.

Step 5 – A HOP-UP-PT representative will email with your HOP-UP-PT Ambassador Certificate at the email that you provided.

This generally takes between 3-5 business days.

Or contact us to learn more about what it takes to become a Certified HOP-UP-PT Ambassador.