Sharon and Butch have been married for 57 years!  They enjoy a very full life filled with family and friends and hobbies that they enjoy.  Sharon learned of HOP-UP-PT through the Auburn Hills Senior Center and she had interest in enrolling to address some observed declines in Butch’s balance and walking safety.

Sharon and Butch worked with Dr. Lori Boright, a licensed physical therapist, who tailored the Otago exercise program to address their individual needs.  She also addressed environmental concerns that could have contributed to safety issues potentially even falls. 

Throughout the course of the program, Dr. Boright noted improvements in Butch’s safety with walking and since Sharon and Butch were participating together, compliance for both of them, was enhanced.

HOP-UP-PT is a very valuable program to promote a healthy and active lifestyle.  It also encourages remaining safely active in the community, something that is very important to us.