CDC’s STEADI Program –

One of the core components of the HOP-UP-PT program is the Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s STEADI program. The Stopping Elderly Accidents, Deaths, and Injuries program has the goal of reducing falls and fall related injuries for older adults in the United States.  Based upon the clinical practice guidelines of the American and British Geriatrics Societies. According to the CDC website:

STEADI consists of three core elements:

  1. Screen patients for fall risk,
  2. Assess modifiable risk factors, and
  3. Intervene to reduce risk by using effective clinical and community strategies.

Combined, these elements can have a substantial impact on reducing falls, improving health outcomes, and reducing healthcare expenditures.

After the assessments, the certified HOP-UP-PT therapists will visit older adults enrolled in the program and provide individualized, highly specialized interventions based on state-of-the-art evidence.  After completion of the HOP-UP-PT program, older adults who were at moderate and high risk of falls had an 8-fold reduction in falls as compared to those who did not participate in the HOP-UP-PT program.