How and Why to Get Certified?

Due to its popularity and national scope, HOP-UP-PT administrators get frequent calls from older adults, family members, and physicians to refer an older person into the program. At that point, the HOP-UP-PT administrators will consult our list of approved and certified HOP-UP-PT therapists. We will only be able to refer older adults to you after you are certified, so it is key to become certified and stay certified.

Billing and Payment for HOP-UP-PT

As HOP-UP-PT is billed using conventional rehabilitation codes (e.g. 97000 CPT codes) and traditional payment pathways, most insurance companies cover HOP-UP-PT visits without exception. In order for insurance companies to benefit from the cost savings of the HOP-UP-PT prevention program, they may want to know about the various aspects of the HOP-UP-PT program.  If an insurance company needs more information about the HOP-UP-PT program, we will be happy to assist them. Contact us and we will connect with you to start the process. 

Becoming a HOP-UP-PT Certified Therapist and Earn CEUs for Relicensure

It has never been easier to become a certified HOP-UP-PT therapist!  Many community centers only recognize and accept HOP-UP-PT therapists and you must be a certified HOP-UP-PT therapist to provide the HOP-UP-PT program. It is as easy as a 3 step process!

  1. Step 1
    Visit the HOP-UP-PT Learning Portal to Register for the Foundational Independence Program
  2. Step 2
    Complete your registration form provided and submit the registration fee. Group registration of 20% off is available for groups of 8 or more people who register at the same time. 
  3. Step 3
    Complete the 4-hour course online and get your certificate of completion

After that, start sharing your new certification with your colleagues and potential referral sources like community centers, senior organizations, and local physicians!

Staying Up to Date through Recertification

Healthcare is ever changing and it is important to stay up to date on the newest updates and innovations in HOP-UP-PT including updates on payment and billing.  We recommend all HOP-UP-PT providers recertify every year to three years.  In order to maintain your certification and stay on the HOP-UP-PT certified provider list, you must recertify every three years.

Advanced Training in HOP-UP-PT through Additional Specialty Modules

There are many factors that must be addressed to empower older adults to remain safe and active in their homes.  Some examples include addressing urinary and fecal incontinence, home modifications, getting up from a fall, technology literacy, emergency preparedness and other important topics for older adults.  HOP-UP-PT has an ever-expanding library of training modules by nationally known experts and certified specialists.  

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