Author: Chris Wilson PT, DPT, DScPT

Calculating Frailty for Older Adults

Frailty is a syndrome experienced by older adults or those with significant medical or psychosocial extenuating factors. Dr. Chris Wilson from HOP-UP-PT discusses how to assess a person for frailty according to Fried as described by the Cardiovascular Health Study. Frailty has been found to be a predictor of future morbidity and mortality and is Read More

Technology Resources for Health

This resource is to provide older adults and physical therapists with a variety of resources for accessing and using technology.  Setting up wireless internet in the home 1.)  Written instructions on how to set up Wi-Fi in home  2.) Pairing a Bluetooth device              Using an Android device 3.) 4.) HOP-UP-PT video on Read More

HOP-UP-PT debuts the Certified Ambassador Training

Screening by a HOP-UP-PT Ambassador

Community centers and an older adult’s social network are the key to identifying which older adults might be at risk for falls or becoming homebound. As of 2022, HOP-UP-PT is now providing community center staff, employees, and volunteers the opportunity to become a Certified HOP-UP-PT Ambassador. There is no cost to becoming a certified ambassador. Read More